Urban Forestry Infographic

September 19, 2018 - More and more people live in cities and spend 25% less time in nature as compared to just 20 years ago. We live in a world that makes it difficult for us to shut off, go outside, and relax for a second.

Although it can be hard to get outside during the busy workweek, research shows that people who spend more time outdoors are not only calmer and healthier but also smarter and more successful at work.

IUFC 2018 Urban Forestry Infographic

Find out more about public health benefits of urban nature in the following IUFC 2018 sessions - see also detailed abstract book: October 1st - Session 6

13:30 Kathleen Wolf (USA): "City trees and public health: diverse benefits, diverse beneficiaries"
14:00 Ingrid Jarvis (CAN): "Diversity in urban nature - and analysis of greenspace type and mental health in Metro Vancouver"
14:30 Fran Poštenjak (CRO): "People, Urban Trees and Biodiversity"

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