The Congress theme is “The Urban Forest – Diverse in Nature”.
This event is also the 13th Canadian Urban Forest Conference, the Annual Conference of the PNW-ISA and the 3rd UTD Conference.

The committee is currently working on putting together a great program that will combine these three conferences together and allow the attendees to learn something new and relevant to their occupation. 
The geographical focus of the event will be regional (BC, Pacific), national (Canada) and international (including US-Canada). Participants will include practitioners (arborists, urban foresters, park managers, landscape architects, foresters), policy makers, researchers, educators and not/for/profit organizations. 

Subthemes will include:
People & City Diversityhow people and communities of different backgrounds perceive and use urban forests
Urban Forest Diversity – studying the different parts of the urban forest, and promoting diverse and resilient urban forests
Diversity in Urban Forest Management – the many different ways in which we manage our urban forests
Diversity in Governance and Partnerships – exploring different governance approaches and partnerships for successful urban forestry
Natural Diversity – the role of nature, and approaches for rewilding our cities
Diversity in Education and Communication – training the arborists and urban foresters of the future, and telling about urban forestry and its benefits